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Tablou abstract cu litera "A" rosu si negru. Fotografie abstracta in stil urban graffiti. Tablou pentru decor casa modern
  • Anabela: Tablou Abstract Canvas - Fotografie Abstracta Originala Printata

    Anabela este un tablou abstract printat pe material de tip canvas.

    O particica din lume, chiar la tine acasa!

    “Anabela” este o fotografie abstracta originala regandita sub forma unui tablou modern. Acest tablou abstract este ideal atat pentru decorul unei locuinte moderne, cat si pentru decorul unui birou.  “Anabela” este un detaliu din mediul urban ce pare a fi banal, insa este unic. Acesta  ramane ignorat mereu pana este pus in valoare. Noi oferim ocazia acestui detaliu straluceasca si sa nu fie uitat.

    Among other images, this artwork was selected  and placed in this collection by our designers and curators we colaborate with.  

    For the fine art print, we use environmentally friendly ink based on water. The ink is applied on canvas material because it gives the print resistance up to 10 years.

    We chose this materials because when they are in contact with each other they underline the contrast of colours by giving them more character. 

    The print is then manually stretched on dry wood. We chose the frameless canvas option to capture the picture as the main character, leaving the image free. The frameless option offers customers the ability to customize the work if they want to. Thus, the customer can become a co-artist if they want to frame the work. The frames shown in the product images serve the purpose of giving the customer perspective. They are not included in the order. For framing advice please contact us and we can recommend you some framing shops and options.

    Given that some of the processes in this edition's production are manual, results may vary from one artwork to another, giving more personality to the work.

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